Disinfection Cleaning Services in Dubai

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Disinfection Cleaning Services in Dubai

Looking for top-rated sanitizing cleaning services in Dubai? We are here to help!

As a Arab cleaning firm, Priory Cleaning provides an extensive variety of services to both residential and business clients. We have since emerged in Dubai as one of the leading disinfection businesses, with a strong emphasis on client service. Established in 2008 in Dubai, we are now known as one of the finest disinfection companies in Dubai, with a

A sanitization & disinfection company in Dubai that you can trust with your eyes closed

As a disinfectant and sanitizing business, we are dedicated to providing the finest quality house cleaning and sanitizing services in Dubai and Egypt, where we have been providing cleaning solutions since 2013. We utilize unique, high-quality, and environmentally friendly U.S.-made detergents with German-made equipment to guarantee the greatest outcomes.

Finally, we carefully selected our staff members based on their knowledge, experience, and after a complete background check. Furthermore, to ensure that our cleaners provide disinfection and sanitizing cleaning services that exceed our clients’ high expectations, we offer training to them on a regular basis.

Top quality commercial & house sanitizing services in Dubai at a cost-effective price

Arab Cleaning services for a white-hat (ethical) company, providing sustainable and healthy results. We’re a family-owned business that is dedicated to developing adaptable, customer-oriented, and innovative solutions that are ideal for our clients. We meticulously monitor the performance of our workers throughout the service period to ensure quality. We realize that our customers come

Given the global spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, it has become more essential than ever to keep our homes clean and sanitary. While we all do regular cleaning of our homes in Dubai, sometimes professional sanitization and disinfection is required that a basic clean can’t address.

Homeowners in the greater LA area may benefit from using a professional house cleaner and/or cleaning service. This is why Arab cleaning services has partnered with certified sanitization businesses that use state-of-the-art equipment and disinfection chemicals to fully clean your home. Our staff uses registered and safe biocides to eradicate 99 percent of all

Our 7-day-a-week, 24/7 sanitization service is available every day of the week, including on Friday from 9am to 6pm. If you call our contact center straight away, we can provide emergency sanitization services for a fee of AED 449.

Cleaning and sanitizing in Dubai

Cleaning and sanitizing in Dubai are more essential than ever before. Arab cleaning services provides a professional Cleaning and Sanitation service to assist customers in disinfecting and sanitizing their homes and businesses effectively.

Regular cleaning vs sanitization

It is recommended that you use specific equipment, chemicals, and time to sanitize your home or office. Because the process of disinfection and sanitation necessitates particular biocides, chemicals, and equipment in addition to a lot of time, it is preferable to leave this task to the pros. Your house or workplace

What does the sanitization service include?

We start with a thorough cleaning of your entire house or office to ensure that any dirt and dust are removed. The sanitization process then begins. We disinfect all floors and surfaces with disinfectant solutions before wiping them down. All furniture, rugs, sofas, mattresses, and curtains are

What sanitization materials we use?

All chemicals used in this service have been authorized by the government and are safe to use inside homes and offices. They are also suitable for children and dogs. These include permitted chemical such as Suma Final Step 1024 Sanitizer, Bleach solution, TB Disinfectant Cleaner, Taski Degragerm and many more.